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My Mother Slipped While Walking Through an Icy Mall Parking Lot and Broke Her Arm. Who Is Responsible for Her Injury?

Law Offices of Stephen D. Walsh July 3, 2023

Slip and fall accidents are common when weather conditions are wet and icy.

When it comes to maintaining the safety of public areas, such as parking lots or sidewalks, the property owner has a duty to exercise reasonable care. This is a legal duty, and failure to do so can result in negligence. The periodic inspection of the property and the removal or remediation of snow and ice within a reasonable time is the duty of property owners to reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

The commonwealth of Massachusetts no longer practices the “natural accumulation” rule, which relieved a property owner of liability in connection with the natural accumulation of snow and ice. Currently, landlords and property owners are held to a higher standard.

But Massachusetts residents should be aware that numerous laws regarding snow and ice removal and liability, can add complications to personal injury claims.

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